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Corporate culture

People-oriented, management enterprise;

Integrity first, the operation of enterprises;

Market as a root, expand enterprise;

Quality is gold, solid enterprise.

Enterprise spirit: innovation, pragmatic and efficient

Innovation is the soul of the company, is the eternal motive force of the development of the enterprise

To tell the truth, the real, practical, effective service

Respect, respect their occupation, occupation, with respect to the devout mind, depending on their occupation for duty

Think of it, do it immediately, quickly absorb, rapidly changing, rapid action

Management policy:

To market oriented, product and sales as a leader, to the brand and service as the support, based on technology research and development

Management model:

Human centered. Staff is the owner of the company, the work is for the company and personal growth, at the same time to work better and reflect their own value

Performance oriented, comprehensive evaluation of staff from three aspects of moral character, ability and performance

Focus on institutional, process oriented, standardized construction

Attach importance to the integration of resources, including technical resources, market resources, talent resources

Principle of efficiency and satisfaction

Our view of talent:

Our people are not talent, education, age

To promote the development of the company, to create benefits for the enterprise, the company as a cause of their own people

Talent is our most valuable asset.

Talent to promote the development of the company, the development of the company for the development of staff to provide a broader space and better conditions

To the company's common goal and the overall image as the premise, the company advocated personality play

The pursuit of interest in the job, like-minded colleagues, healthy body, open mind, optimistic spirit

Human resources management thinking:

Mission: to build a learning organization, to provide a stage for all of the people who want to be able to do something for the people who want to be able to do it.

Job analysis, evaluation and salary

Competency model and performance management

Core team management and training

Human resource demand and recruitment strategy

To attract and motivate talents to make full use of their potential is the key to our sustainable development;

Adapt to the rapid changes in the Internet era of the objective requirements of the talent, only to adhere to the study, and constantly develop to keep up with the pace of development of the times.

Company code of conduct:

Be honest, treat each other with respect.

Pay attention to ethics, law-abiding

Effective communication, understanding and cooperation

Initiative cooperation, team spirit

Solve problems, dare to make decisions

Constantly innovate and take responsibility

Rigorous and realistic, dedicated spirit

Self management, professional ethics

Customer first, quality is the

Improve performance, save cost

Courage to forge ahead, self development

Cooperation concept: the team is the primary and secondary each other

Management concept: obey the professional honest responsibility

The idea of people: honesty, diligence, thrift

Learning and growth concept: the concept of fast learning aiming at rapid growth

Business operation concept: project management system

Partner concept: empathy service